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About Hydra Design

Alessandra De Santis

Alessandra De Santis, knife enthusiast as long as she can remember, has started collecting knives since she was 14 years old. Her passion for knives led her to become author of technical reviews on production knives since 2012; she collaborates with Italian specialist magazines and owns Ultimate Knives & Gear website.
Alessandra's knowledge about steels and materials comes from her university studies (she has a degree in Industrial Chemistry, and a Master degree in Industrial Chemistry of polymeric materials).
Alessandra is also a practitioner of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) and she’s passionate about firearms and has the qualification for the construction, repair and sale of firearms, and the collector's license for cold weapons and ancient weapons.
The experience gained in testing and reviewing knives, and the growing dedication to the knife industry, led her in the following years to decide to take a further step, becoming a knife designer. So Alessandra embarked on this journey in 2018 with two limited edition fixed blade knife produced by Hydra Armaments (her family company that produces firearms devices for sporting, hunting and tactical uses) , and in 2019 she started collaborating with international knife manufacturers.


12.7 Kubey

Belonging to the Böker Plus line, the Yokai is a tactical knife characterized by an aggressive...

Yokai - Boker

Belonging to the Böker Plus line, the Yokai is a tactical knife characterized by an aggressive...

Aswang - Tuya Knife

The Aswang manufactured by Tuya, is a compact fixed blade karambit knife, characterized by a...

Roman - WE Knife

The "Roman" knife is my personal tribute to the city of Rome, that "adopted" me for many years.


Hydra Design is the knives division of Hydra Armaments Company. In addition to the projects under our brand, with the Hydra Design division, Alessandra De Santis works as knives and tools freelance designer, collaborating with various worldwide knife manufacturers.


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